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Judgement Day

You have had an unfortunate accident which has caused you to lose your life.

Now, you suddenly find yourself sitting in a waiting room where you will be called up in front of the Pearly Gates to be judged on your performance on earth. Your Problem is, that your life performance has been very questionable at best.

You and the people in the waiting room go look for the return button back to earth. You have only 60 minutes before the call to be Judged.


Mystery of the Holy Grail and Hidden Treasures

You have just inherited an ancient scroll from your late great uncle Marty’s last expedition. He was on the hunt for the Holy Grail with hidden treasures all around. You and your group of friends have to walk through a tropical forest in order to reach a coastal cave where Marty believes to find The Grail and treasures along the way. Unfortunately you have only 60 minutes to retrieve The Grail and as much treasures that you can before the tide comes in and submerses the cave

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